Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The First Femboy & Alternate Gender Fashion Fair!

=Visual Mode: The First Femboy & Alternate Gender Fashion Fair=

Sponsored by NOP~ Events, .::[HTxDZ]::., .::Kre-ations::., *{Celestial}*, :{MV}:, OwltToast

DATES: January 31st to February 14th
THEME: Body Positive
CHARITY: The Human Rights Campaign for gender equality & LGBTQ rights. [http://hrc.org]

The Visual Mode is a charity fashion fair to raise awareness for gender equality both in and outside SL, with themes to raise awareness of other important issues having to do with gender identity and gender equality.

Positive body image is an issue regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Society teaches us from a young age you are either male, or female, and you must be the perfect example of that gender. This is bullshit and we all know it, but it doesn't change the fact. Even in SL, 'perfection' is an issue. Visual Mode believes that no matter your gender identity, sexuality, size, race, species or otherwise appearance that you ARE beautiful. This theme is to promote personal sense of beauty and positive body image regardless of gender identity, in and outside SL!

Gatcha's and donation vendors will be set up to sell items, with proceeds going to the Human Rights Campaign for gender equality & LGBTQ rights. Other items from participating vendors will also be available. Nothing will be over 100$L and gatcha's will be only 50$L each play.  There will be gatcha's and vendors set up from some of the best and most creative creators in SL! Everything from poses, hair, accessories, clothing and other fashion items from g-rated to adult will be available.

If you'd like to participate in Visual Mode as a creator, please read the attached NC and fill out the application. If you know a creator who would like to participate, please pass the NC on to them! Spots are limited to 60, so register now!

Fill out the application here

Thank you for your interest in Visual Mode: The First Femboy & Alternate Gender Fashion Fair! If you have any questions, please contact Taki Kujisawa or Seed Gothly via NC.

~Taki Kujisawa & Seed Gothly
[NOP~ Events]
Femboy Hunt & Visual Mode Coordinators


  1. Will there be items for sale there that do NOT funnel my money to HRC? I love the idea of the fashion fair but do not want to fund an org that is hostile to trans/gender variant people.

  2. There will be items that will make donations to the HRC and some that will pay only the vendors. We're leaving it up to the vendors to make that decision. If you have suggestions for a better charity to make donations to for next time, please contact me in-world by NC. I'd love to hear your suggestions =D

  3. Thanks, I will leave a mental note to myself to send you a NC after the fair.