Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Alternate Gender fair Invitaiton and App

▨ ▨ Alternate Gender Fashion Fair▨ ▨
▨ Sponsored by NOP~ Events ▨

▨ DATES: October 1st to November 1st
▨ THEME: Gothic & Horror in Classic Literature (pre 1930's world inspiration)
(Direct LM coming once the area is built!)
▨ FEE TO JOIN: None, but we are asking for donations, all of which will go to the event's chosen charity. All charity events are for gender equality & LGBTQ rights & education. (The Point Foundation: http://www.pointfoundation.org/)
▨ ACCEPTED ITEMS: Clothing, poses, hair, make-up, accessories, body mods, appliers, etc. Anything else that can be made to fit the theme, but this is primarily a fashion fair. Furniture and stores selling other items may be accepted if we think your creations will fit the theme. Full perm creators are welcome also!
▨ ▨ This is an ALTERNATE GENDER FAIR, which means all genders, unisex and everything in between. Please try to have something to fit each in your available items. If you only have womens stuff, you also have to make something unisex, if you only have mens stuff, you have to have something unisex, etc. Have fun with the theme and don't be afraid to bend genders in your creations!
▨ Extra theme info: October 2013Alternate Gender Fair
▨ COMPANION EVENT: October 2013Modern Horror Hunt
▨ Blogger Applications can be found at the NOP~ Events Main Headquarters

This is an official invitation to participate in the Alternate Gender Fashion Fair from October 1st to November 1st.

We are happy to announce the 2nd Alternate Gender Fashion Fair will be in October of 2013. The Alternate Gender Fashion Fair is a charity fashion fair for the alternate gender and sexuality communities of Second Life. Our goal is to raise awareness for gender equality both in and outside SL, with themes to raise awareness of other important issues having to do with gender identity and gender equality.

The theme, to keep with the season, is 'Gothic and horror in classic literature'. This means old, classic stories, fairy tales, etc. Nothing from movies, current urban legends, Creepy Pasta's or anything of that nature. Anything before the 1930's, from any culture or in any traditional form. See the attached NC above for more information and examples!

▨ NOTE: You do not have to do both October events, but you can if you choose to =D

You will have 6 prims for simple box vendors. Once you've been accepted, an invitation to the Nihon Ongaku Publishing group will be sent. All accepted creators will be sent scripts to add to their vendor boxes to donate a part of their sales to the chosen charity. You must have at least one item set at 50% and one at 100%.

We ask that you make at least one --new item-- for the fair, to be sold exclusively during the duration of the event. You may set at new, old or discontinued releases, but no freebies in your split profit vendor.

To reduce lag, we ask that no group joiners or other scripted marketing items be set out. LMs to your store should be put in each item, so buyers have a copy when they make a purchase. You will be allowed to set out a simple LM/NC giver, but this will be included in your prim limits.

Please complete the registration form and rename the notecard:

                          ▨              AGF App - YOURSTORE- -YOURNAME-                ▨
then return it to Taki Kujisawa or drop it in the mailboxes at the NOP~ Event Headquarters (LM above) by September 10th. Set up will be September 27-28th and the fair will open to bloggers September 29th-30th, with the fair open to the public on October 1st. Details will be sent through notices in the Nihon Ongaku Publishing group. If you are not already in the group, an invitation will be sent upon acceptance.

▨ ▨ SPONSORSHIP: Please indicate below if you are interested in being a sponsor! ▨ ▨

▨ Premium Sponsor: We have 5 premium sponsorship slots. The fee for premium sponsorship is 400L. You will receive a 'PREMIUM SPONSOR' event sign, posting rights to the Femboy Hunt & Events group, and a separate sponsored page of items on the Alternate Gender Fashion Fair and NOP~ Events blogs for 4 of your items. One of these items MUST be your NEW ITEM FOR THE FAIR. You'll also get your company logo on the website with SLURL to your shop and advertising at the NOP~ Events Headquarters as well as at the other planned events. You will also receive one of the first 5 spots at the fair entrance. (1 left!)

▨ Normal Sponsor: There are 8 normal sponsor slots. The fee for normal sponsorship is 200L. You will receive a 'SPONSOR' event sign, posting rights to the Femboy Hunt & Events group, your company logo on the website with SLURL to your shop and advertising on the NOP~ Events Headquarters.


▨ Avatar Name:

▨ Store/Sim/Club Name:

▨ LM for the Store/Sim/Club location or Marketplace URL:

▨ SLURL for your Store/Sim/Club location:

▨ Your store logo (Required):

▨ Are you a femboy/trans/other genderqueer/etc sim or club? YES or NO

▨ Have you participated in any other NOP~ hunts, fairs or events? If yes, which ones?
--Visual Hunt   ___
--Femboy Hunt   ___
--Alternate Gender Fair ___

▨ I understand this is an alternate, third gender, genderqueer fair for charity and am willing to set out split profit vendors to donate money to the chosen charity. YES or NO

▨ **Please contact me about being a sponsor!**  YES or NO

▨ Comments, questions, suggestions:


Thank you for your interest in joining the Alternate Gender Fashion Fair! If you have any questions, please contact me via NC.
~Taki Kujisawa
[NOP~ Events Owner]
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